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Sherrie Hall is a prize winning digital photographic artist who was born in South Australia and is now living in Peterborough.

Peterborough is in the rural mid north of South Australia near the renowned Flinders Ranges.


My inspiration for making digital photographic art patterns came from wandering around the Duggan reserve on Tank Hill at the northern end of Government Road in Peterborough, South Australia.

Initially I was attracted to the starkness of old logs lying around and their gaunt structure and shapes.  Needless to say I also fell in love with the kangaroos that went about their business while this strange creature rambled through their landscape.  I took photos of roos, rocks and roots with my cheap camera and enjoyed the peace and quiet while doing so.

There were little surprises of birdlife and song.  Different flowers appeared as the seasons passed.  At home I played around with the photos and came up with the idea of reflections and realized I could make digital art patterns in all sorts of colours using my computer. This process forms often fantasy or mythological looking images that are used in a multitude of different formats from wall art to designer products.

I searched for more pictures while wandering the streets of Peterborough and thought of capturing more ideas in other towns and places.  From here I have progressed from my original Artistree series of Australian digital photographic art from Peterborough, to collections  from many other places in Australia and overseas.

   A Few Facts About Peterborough My Home Town


My series are split into areas where they were taken or the material used.

Firstly I have my local Artistree series from around my home town of Peterborough.

Secondly Artistree Bundaleer Forest taken in Bundaleer Forest which is near Jamestown. Jamestown is in the mid North of South Australia.

Third comes Artistree Alligator Gorge, from Alligator Gorge in the Mount Remarkable National Park.  This is in the southern Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

Fourth is Artistree Metal and Fence, using some interesting photographs of odd bits of metal and fencing so common in rural areas.

The Dare’s Hill Collection comes from images taken on the Dare’s Hill circuit, a dirt road circuit from Hallett to Terowie in South Australia’s mid north. It includes the birthplace of one of Australia’s least known Arctic explorers and aviators, Sir Hubert Wilkins, many historic old ruins from the 1800’s and the historic train platform where American General Douglas MacArthur gave his famous speech “I came out of Bataan and I Shall Return”.

I have also added my Vietnam series, composed from photos taken in and around Hanoi in early 2020.

Later I added Artistree Grampians from the Grampians National Park in Victoria, an area known for its sandstone mountains, magnificent forests, waterfalls, wildflowers and wildlife.

The Port Lincoln series of images were taken in and around Port Lincoln which is a city at the bottom of the Eyre Peninsula, in South Australia. Internationally known for the largest commercial fishing fleet in the southern hemisphere , where you can also swim with sea lions and tuna and cage dive with sharks. Nearby, mostly surrounded by water, rugged Lincoln National Park is home to rare flora and fauna.

In mid 2020 I created  a series called Isolation Days, that were taken in my backyard during the self isolation period in the COVID-19 pandemic, and then further afield in South Australia as our State lock down eased. Much to my surprise this series is still continuing today – currently August 2021. When will it end?

Aftermath was a series produced using images from regrowth after the devastating bush fires earlier in the summer of 2019/2020 in the Adelaide Hills around Cudlee Creek.

The Flinders Ranges series consists of images gathered in the Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

Vaccination Days is a series I created in August 2021 as the vaccination rate against COVID-19 in Australia started to pick up. The government start of the vaccination programme in Australia was so slow that we were almost last in the developed world, but now hopefully things will improve. This series now comprises art from areas I have been able to visit within my own state. Who knows when Australia will open up state borders properly, let alone open to the world?

Open Bordersa series commenced when Australian States (except Western Australia) essentially opened the borders to each other allowing quarantine free travel throughout Australia, and for Australians travelling from overseas. Needless to say Covid-19 suddenly took off to unprecedented levels, going in South Australia alone from 4 deaths and 990 cases in the first two years of the pandemic to 100 deaths and 110,000 cases in the first two months of opening borders on 23 November 2021. Health advice seemed to go out the window and politics took over.

Fresh Start – a series I commenced in mid April 2022 as Covid restrictions in Australia have all but gone. About 25% of the population have caught it, but thankfully deaths are relatively low. Many people are now going about as they were prior to the pandemic, but many are also cautious in their travel and continue to wear masks etc. Almost 90% of the
population is double vaccinated, 60% have had one booster.

Road Trip – 2022In mid-2022 we
decided it was not yet time to resume overseas travel and so decided on a road
trip heading East from our home in Peterborough South Australia, across the
country through some of the country towns in New South Wales to the coast at
Coffs Harbour and a bit North to Southern Queensland. The main aim was to enjoy
a little warmth (Peterborough is very cold in winter).

Home – After our 2022 road trip we decided to stay home for a while, where I composed art from many flowers and roses in our garden. I
also made art from interesting patterns I found at home, in our town and other
local towns.

Japan – more countries were now opening to tourists without the need for testing for fully
vaccinated travellers. Japan had recently done this so we decided on a trip to
Tokyo as our first overseas trip in 3 years. We spent 3 weeks in Tokyo and a
week at Kawaguchiko in the Fuji 5 lakes area.

Other series are to come, as well as additions to the currently published ones.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, specific requests etc.

Our holiday video diaries are also a popular view   Click here

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